Der Eckat- Möbel für Draußen
Das edle, schlichteDesign der Eckat Küchen passt ideal zu jeder Außenküche und bietet Euch viel Freiheit bei der Gestaltung der anderen Elemente Eures Outdoorbereichs.

Dismantled furniture? Of course!

ot everything is as it seems at first glance. So don't be put off by the term "knock-down furniture"! You can take the ECKAT modules apart and still not have to do without quality and stability "Made in Germany". The polymer composite panels with UV-resistant surface and the high-quality stainless steel furniture fittings prove that you don't have to forego high quality even with knock-down furniture. On the contrary! ECKAT promises its customers a lot of enjoyment from their outdoor kitchen modules - for years to come.

1 design- 12 possibilities

Light as a feather yet robust and weather resistant

Eckat is available in 6 variants

Box with 1 or 2 doors

Box with drawer and 1 or 2 doors



So every Eckat is your perfect complement for your barbecue terrace

Flexible or stable?

You want maximum flexibility and don't want to decide yet where your ECKAT should stand? Then choose the industrial castors and push the modules where you want them. If you know exactly where you want your ECKAT to be and you want maximum stability, then choose the industrial the feet adjustable in height. You know: you decide.


Starte mit uns die Griller an!