Pizza oven

The pizza oven - for all those who finally want to make pizza themselves.At Grillericoo you can easily order your pizza oven online.
Wer den perfekten Pizzagenuss zuhause genießen möchte, der findet ein umfangreiches Portfolio an Pizzaöfen bei Grillericoo und somit steht dem Genuss der Lieblingspizza wie vom Italiener daheim nichts mehr im Weg!

Make pizza yourself

Whether vegetarian or with salami, with lots of cheese, onion or pineapple - pizza can be prepared in an incredible number of ways and thus meets every taste. However, one thing is always needed to make the perfect pizza: lots of heat. With an outdoor pizza oven, your pizza will taste like it did in a restaurant. Anyone who has ever made pizza at home knows the problem. The oven just doesn't get hot enough and therefore the result somehow doesn't turn out the same as at your favorite Italian restaurant. Even the most sophisticated recipes won't help, because pizza needs to be really hot. Only at a temperature of at least 350 °C to 400 °C are both toppings and dough optimally baked. A high-quality outdoor pizza oven reaches the necessary heat in just 15 minutes and delivers masterful results - without any delivery service.

Different types of pizza ovens

If your garden and budget are big enough, then of course there is nothing against a stone oven. On the other hand, for those who want to be more flexible, a mobile outdoor metal pizza oven is suitable. Such a high-quality metal pizza oven today is not inferior to a stone one - on the contrary, it can be moved from one place to another without the need for a whole construction team or a forklift.

Advantages of a pizza oven

  • Particularly high temperatures possible
  • Perfect wood oven aroma
  • About 20 minutes to preheat - pizza is ready in 1 minute!
  • Suitable not only for pizzas, but also for roasted meat, sautéed vegetables or freshly baked bread.

Why a pizza oven?

For those who have pizza regularly on the menu and who want to perfect this dish, there is no way around a real pizza oven for home. Classic ovens or grills often do not reach the required temperatures, so the pizza is not baked properly and it also lacks the typical wood-fired oven aroma! Pizza ovens are available with different fuels, for example gas, wood, coal or pellets. The pizza ovens in our range can be heated with several fuels - you are therefore particularly flexible. Outdoor pizza oven for your garden? Sure, if the garden and the budget are big enough, you can of course build your own stone oven. But let's be real: This is definitely not everyone's cup of tea. Fortunately, there are now great alternatives. With a mobile outdoor pizza oven for your home, you can experience the perfect pizza pleasure from now on. Depending on the model, the pizza oven is fired with gas, wood, coal or pellets, reaching temperatures of up to 500 °C. Some manufacturers - such as Ooni - also give you a free choice and have models in their range that can be heated with several types of fuel. This gives you maximum flexibility when preparing your pizza.


The nuts and bolts of pizza baking. It doesn't help to heat up your outdoor pizza oven when the pizza is already inside. That will only bring disappointing results. The dough is not evenly baked, maybe even still raw in some places, the toppings are not properly cooked and the cheese is burnt. However, if you put your pizza in a thoroughly preheated pizza oven, things look different. Depending on the size of the pizza and the temperature, it only takes 60 to 120 seconds for your food to be ready. As a rule of thumb, the larger the pizza and the oven, the higher the temperature needs to be.

Accessories and cleaning

There are, of course, plenty of accessories for your mobile outdoor pizza oven. In addition to the pizza cutter, which must be present in a well-stocked household anyway, there are other helpful things available. You definitely need a pizza pusher to avoid burning your fingers, but a pizza turner can also be a useful tool. This will keep your pizza in contact with the hot stone while you turn it, and it will finish even faster.
By the way, cleaning your outdoor pizza oven is very easy, because it usually cleans itself due to the high temperatures. However, if you have a little mishap and cheese or other ingredients landed on the pizza stone, you have to do it yourself. Run the pizza oven at full heat for 30 minutes. This will burn off any food residue. You can then clean the stone and oven with a special brush. When the pizza oven has cooled down, you can remove the stone and wipe out the oven with a dry cloth. It is recommended to turn the pizza stone over after each use.