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For the typical BBQ you will find exactly the right smoker at Grillericoo. Pulled pork, spare ribs or smoked fish - tender dishes with a unique smoke flavor can be conjured up with smokers.

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Advantages of a smoker at a glance:

  • Multifunctional: Smoking, grilling, baking
  • Due to low temperature particularly gentle for the grilled food
  • Comparatively large grill surfaces
  • Fantastic smoky aromas

What types of smokers are there?

Smokers come in different varieties: Barrel Smoker, Water Smoker, Pellet Smoker, Ceramic Smoker, Gas Smoker and more.
In our assortment we have specialized in barrel smokers, smokers with the fuel wood or charcoal, the classic among the types.
Basically, a smoker is a kind of smoker, with which grilled food is cooked indirectly. A fire is lit in a combustion box, and the smoke is drawn into the cooking chamber where the food is grilled. The smoke escapes through a chimney.

The way is the goal!

To light a smoker, you should not use liquid lighters, but thin logs and grill lighter. The ventilation flaps regulate the oxygen supply. When starting the fire, all flaps and also the lid of the combustion chamber are opened. After a few minutes you have a big fire, can add larger logs and close the lid. You can regulate the temperature in the cooking chamber via the ventilation flaps. Once you have reached the desired temperature, try to keep it constant for about 30 minutes before putting the food on the grill.
The grilled food will then require the appropriate amount of time, during which you should regularly check the temperature in the smoker and add wood to the combustion chamber.

Care and maintenance of the smoker

Outside you can clean the smoker easily with water and sponge. The cooking chamber inside can be cleaned with hot water and a grill brush. The firebox should be cleaned of ash inside, as ash can start to corrode with water.

We do not recommend using any cleaning agents and also advise leaving the smoker to dry in the fresh air for a few hours after cleaning.

When buying a BBQ Smoker, pay particular attention to...

...wall thickness

The thickness of the sheet influences the quality - the thicker the sheet, the better the quality! The thinner the wall thickness, the harder it is to maintain temperature. This affects comfort and consumption. Mid-range smokers have a wall thickness of 3.5 - 5 mm. Professional smokers between 5 - 6 mm.

...space and weight

Since high-quality smokers are also heavy due to the thickness of the walls, when choosing the right BBQ smoker, also consider the space you choose for the device, whether it can remain there all year round or whether your device should best be equipped with wheels so that you can easily put it away in the winter.

...equipment and accessories

Recommended when buying a BBQ Smoker are matching grill grates, a thermometer and a cover. An additional shelf is also helpful when grilling.

Our models from the range Smoker

We carry JOE's brand models for beginners to professionals! From large models to small smokers and matching accessories, you will find everything your smoker heart desires.


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