Pellet grills

Buy pellet grill at Grillericoo! The pellet grill - the special barbecue flavor for gourmets.

Advantages of the pellet grill at a glance:

  • Good temperature distribution
  • Operation via smartphone app possible
  • Smoky aroma like smocking
  • Time for friends and family at your barbecue due to the easy operation
  • Different pellet types for different tastes
  • Short heat-up time (depending on the model, it already reaches the set temperature in 15 minutes)
  • Good temperature distribution
  • Versatile use: smocking, grilling, smoking, pizza baking
  • Low weight of the grill

How is a pellet grill constructed?

In terms of construction, the pellet grill is a small and simple version of a pellet heater: the grill pellets are filled into a container and from there they are transported into the combustion chamber by an auger and ignited and burned by a heating rod. A fan distributes heat and smoke, which grill the food indirectly. The grill therefore also requires a power connection.
A control allows the temperature of the grill to be set between 75 degrees and 400 degrees.

What fuel is used in a pellet grill?

Barbecue pellets are pure wood pellets of various types, such as cherry, peach or a little more intense hickory, oak, and many more.
Consumption is expected to be 250-500g depending on the model and temperature.
Turn on the pellet grill and let's go!
Turn on the pellet grill, set the temperature, place the food on the grill and the rest almost takes care of itself! Every now and then, it's worth taking a look inside the pellet container to refill if needed. However, many models already come with a storage basket for 8h automatic firing.

Care and maintenance of the pellet grill

Since the pellet grill is after all equipped with a delicate technology, there are certain areas that you should regularly check and clean. Pellet sensor and pellet hopper should be mentioned here as examples. Likewise, ash in the combustion chamber should be removed regularly.
You can easily clean the cooking chamber and grill grate as with other types of grills, and the same applies to the grease pan.

When buying a pellet grill, pay attention to...

...the size of the grilling surface and the pellet container.

Before buying a pellet grill, consider the size of the grilling surface. The size of the pellet container also determines how often you have to refill the pellets.

...Material and grill grates

The material used and the thickness of the material determine how durable and efficient the grill is.
Stainless steel grills are corrosion resistant, and models with double-walled combustion chambers are particularly efficient, as they provide better insulation.
Grates are recommended with stainless steel or porcelain coating.

...Temperature range

The achievable temperature range of pellet grillers varies greatly and is decisive for the type of food you can grill. With some models you can grill steaks, but also prepare pulled pork. Your food preferences should therefore be taken into account when choosing a grill.

...Equipment and accessories

Depending on the model, there are various accessories that extend the function of your pellet grill, e.g. a rotating spit.


There are three different control models used in the most common appliances on the market: The cheaper models have 3-point control (low, medium, high), and multi-point controllers allow you to adjust the temperature gradually.
The most accurate control is the PID control, here the temperature is controlled and adjusted every minute. Likewise, meat sensors can be included in the temperature control here.
Depending on the model, the pellet grillers are also available with smartphone control.
Our models from the pellet grill range
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