Ceramic grills

If you are looking for a ceramic grill (also called kamado grill), Grillericoo is the right place for you. Ceramic grills are the perfect all-rounder for grilling, smocking, cooking and baking. Due to the perfect heat storage, they are especially suitable for preparing foods that have longer cooking times, such as really juicy and soft pulled pork.

Advantages of the ceramic grill at a glance:

  • Good temperature distribution - best air circulation due to the well-known egg shape
  • Best heat storage and therefore very energy efficient
  • Even cooking ability
  • Precise temperature control
  • Preparation of food with very long cooking time is no problem
  • Temperatures of 70-400°C are no problem and for a long period of time
  • Due to the tightness ceramic grills are very well suited for smocking/smoking
  • With the ceramic grill and the appropriate accessories you can grill, bake, cook, smoke, bake pizza, etc.
  • Low maintenance and cleaning requirements
  • Different model sizes - from Minimax to 2XL available

What is the structure of a ceramic grill?

A ceramic grill has an egg-shaped body made of ceramic. Inside you will find a grate for the charcoal and a usually multi-level grill grate structure. So you can easily use direct and indirect zones.

What fuel is used in a ceramic grill?

A classic ceramic grill is operated with charcoal. Due to the high heat storage capacity, much less charcoal is needed than with other charcoal grills. The temperature is controlled by ventilation flaps and a thermometer.

Make your ceramic grill burn!  - The use of a ceramic grill

To light a ceramic grill, under no circumstances should you use chemical grill lighters or methylated spirits. The grill will absorb these substances and this will affect the taste. Briquettes produce a lot of ash, which makes cleaning unnecessary. We recommend you to use classic hardwood charcoal.

With a thermometer in the lid you can control the temperature very precisely and regulate the supply of oxygen by means of ventilation flaps. There is a simple rule: flap open - more air - fire very hot. Open less - less air - fire less hot.

Care and maintenance of the ceramic grill

The care of the ceramic grill is not necessary much: Remove ash regularly through the ash door, check the seals and hinges annually, and relubricate as needed. The grill should not be cleaned with detergents or water, because the ceramic quickly absorbs them and releases the substances to the food the next time.

What to look for when buying?


When buying a ceramic grill, pay particular attention to the size of the grilling surface. Various accessories in the form of additional grill grates expand the grilling area. Also keep in mind that you need a fixed location for this grill.

Material thickness

The high-quality ceramic grills have a wall thickness, which provides for the high heat storage. Only with a sufficiently high wall thickness can the grill be used for continuous operation.

Equipment and accessories

Ceramic grills are by far the grills that can be used in the most diverse ways. But this requires the appropriate accessories. So when choosing a manufacturer, make sure what accessories are available. Only then will you be able to enjoy the full power of the ceramic grill.

Our models from the ceramic grills section

In addition to the classic BIG GREEN EGG, we also carry models from THE BASTARD. For both models we have a large selection of accessories for you in stock and also offer complete sets. Likewise we have the models of BIG GREEN EGG and THE BASTARD also from small to XL in the offer.