Otto Wilde
Eine Idee und vier ambitionierte Köpfe – so starteten Otto, Alex, Julia und Nils ihr Unternehmen im Jahr 2015. Ein paar Prototypen und zwei erfolgreiche Kickstarter-Kampagnen später, sind die Grills von Otto Wilde aus der Szene nicht mehr wegzudenken. Zu den klassischen Oberhitzegrills der Marke hat sich mittlerweile auch die Otto Wilde Plattform als Outdoor-Küche mit klassischem Gasgrill gesellt.

Everything good comes from above

With the O.F.B. top heat grill, the heat comes from above - as the name suggests - and that has several advantages. The extreme grilling temperatures of up to 900 °C ensure a crisp crust and juicy meat. By the way, this works not only with gas, but also with electricity. The electric version of the O.F.B. reaches an impressive 800 °C in just 5 minutes. Unlike conventional grills, the fat on the O.F.B. does not drip into the heat source, but is collected in a drip tray. Thus, there are no flame strikes and no fat fires and your meat gets an even crust without charred spots.

Complete and flexible

With the O.F.B. complete set you get the best of both worlds. Thanks to the modular design, you can convert it from a gas grill to an electric grill - or vice versa - in no time at all. So you can grill indoors or outdoors. The removable top makes cleaning easy. You have full control thanks to the two radiant groups. These are infinitely variable and individually adjustable, allowing you to set the grill temperature precisely. With the reliable height adjustment, the grate height can be selected very precisely, so that you have full control over your grilling result even at high temperatures.