JOE’s BBQ Smoker
Joe's Barbeque Smokers are the grills of the world champions since 1996. Made in Germany. With these grills you can smoker, smoke bake and of course grill with unsurpassed taste. The Joe's are real steel devices with a wall thickness of at least 5 or 6mm already brings a lot on the scale.

Carefully welded or cast in one piece

The smaller models of JOE's BBQ Smoker are welded together from 5.2 millimeter thick steel plates. In the process, the manufacturer, which produces exclusively in Europe, attaches great importance to high quality and precision workmanship. The individual parts must be rolled and welded together with the utmost care to avoid irregularity and sharp edges. Starting with the JOE's BBQ Smoker 16er Special, all variants are cut from a 6.35 millimeter thick steel tube. This guarantees that the smoker is really round and absolutely tight. There rattles and wobbles purely nothing.

JOE’s BBQ Smoker

The makers of JOE's BBQ Smoker quickly managed to inspire the whole world from Germany. Even the Americans take off their baseball caps in front of him, because he can boast of several world championship titles. In the meantime, the sophisticated smoker has become a whole grilling system with which you can grill, bake, smoke and cook. Thanks to the different versions, JOE not only cuts a fine figure in the garden, but can also handle professional catering.


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