Dutch Oven

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The Dutch Oven - the cast iron pot for Western fans

With a Dutch Oven dishes can be baked, roasted or boiled. What could previously only be prepared indoors on the stove or in the oven, can now become an outdoor cooking experience such as pasta dishes, stews or even cakes! With us you will find high-quality Dutch Oven and matching accessories!


Advantages of a Dutch Oven

  • Completely uncomplicated handling
  • Top and bottom heat possible
  • Gentle cooking
  • Constant temperature
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable pot

Structure of a Dutch Oven

The original Dutch Oven is made of cast iron, has 3 feet and a lid. The feet make it possible to build a fireplace under the stove and thus heat the stove. The lid of the fire pot is slightly curved inward, which allows coals to be placed on the lid as well. You can then work with top and bottom heat.

Different designs of the Dutch Oven

Dutch ovens are available with or without feet. If you want to use the fire pot exclusively outdoors, we recommend a model with feet.

A model without feet has the advantage that you can also use the pot indoors on the stove. For outdoor use, a pot stand / tripod is recommended here, so that under the fire pot can be heated.

What fuel is used for a cast iron pot?

What you use to make fire under the pot is up to everyone. We recommend high-quality briquettes, because they have a much longer burning time and give off heat for a long time compared to classic charcoal.

How to cook / grill with a Dutch Oven?

Put the food with a little water in the Dutch Oven and place it over the fireplace. After that, put a few pieces of coal or briquettes on the lid as well. We recommend turning the pot a bit every now and then and rarely opening the lid, because the steam inside will conjure up especially juicy and tender meat.
A few tips:
When grilling, place all coals on the lid. No heat from below.
When baking, place 2/3 of the coals on the lid, 1/3 under the pot in a ring shape.
When roasting, place all coals underneath the pot.

Care of the Dutch Oven

A new Dutch Oven should be properly baked before use. This provides rust protection and a non-stick coating inside.
In order to enjoy the fire pot for a long time, you should avoid using dishwashing detergent. Use a plastic spatula to remove food residues and rinse the pot with warm water only. Finally, you can apply a thin layer of oil and let the pot dry. Store the Dutch Oven in a dry place with some air circulation. Place a kitchen roll between the pot and the lid, so that air exchange is also possible inside the fire pot.

When buying a Dutch oven, pay attention especially to...


The stronger the material, the longer and better the Dutch Oven retains heat. So when buying, look for a uniform and thick wall thickness. Likewise, a perfectly fitting lid is especially important for steam.


The Dutch Oven comes in different sizes, which are usually indicated with a capacity in liters. Models with about 3 liters are sufficient for 2 - 3 people, 9 liter fire pots, on the other hand, are already suitable for 10 or more people.

...Equipment and accessories

Especially with a Dutch Oven you are permanently confronted with the heat, from the lid to the feet this pot gets hot, therefore a lid lifter and good grill gloves are an absolute MUST - also because of the safety! Tripods / pot stands, lid stands and transport bags are additional accessories that make roasting with the Dutch Oven easier for you.

We have large and small models of the brand Petromax and also offer you all the accessories.