Maverick Remote Smoker Thermometer , XR-50


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The Maverick XR-50 Wireless Grill Thermometer

The brand new Maverick

Extended Range Wireless BBQ & Meat Thermometer XR-50 sets new standards, the further development of the Maverick ET-732 has numerous new features:

  • equal to 4 temperature sensors (XR-40 only 2 temperature sensors)
  • extended transmission range of up to 160 meters
  • New operating system technology: Easier programming, reduced connection failures, better data packet transmission, faster connection and less connection loss
  • 2 large displays on receiver and transmitter


The grill thermometer is a must for every ambitious griller, because it combines many properties in one device.

At the grill you have the free choice of how the sensors are used. Either you can measure the core temperature of 2 different pieces of food in parallel, or you can use the supplied clips to turn one of the probes into a cooking cabinet sensor. Since 4 probes - 2 short cooking cabinet sensors and 2 longer core temperature sensors are supplied, you can decide completely flexibly for what the probes should be used.

For all 4 probes a low or high alarm can be set to monitor the temperature optimally. In the event of fluctuating temperatures or, ideally, when the cooking point is reached, they receive a direct signal from the thermometer and can intervene accordingly.

For this you can move up to fabulous 160m away from the grill and should the radio contact break off, you will of course be warned again by your Maverick XR-50.

Due to the two large displays on transmitter and receiver, the temperature can now be optimally read on both devices.