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The specialist for cleaning cast iron and wrought iron. more >>
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The specialist for cleaning cast iron and wrought iron.

Petromax - Ring cleaner

With this high-quality utensil made of stainless steel it goes to burnt to the collar. Effortlessly clean your pot or pan made of cast or wrought iron with the ring cleaner - without damaging the valuable patina. The structure of the interlocking rings gently removes food residues and does not strain the surface of the cookware.

This is how it works: Clean without detergent
Let cookware cool, if necessary let it soak briefly and gently rub off the burnt residues with warm water and the ring cleaner. Of course, you don't need detergent. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly again. Before you put your cast or wrought iron cookware back in the cupboard, always dry well and maintain as usual. The ring cleaner should also be dried well after use. (Attention: Contact corrosion possible!)

Size: 12.5 x 12.5 cm
Material: stainless steel



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